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116. Einstein’s sock (continued)

My latest 15 min radio broadcast in the Ockham's Razor series begins with the story of why Einstein decided not to wear socks (see Mini Story #7), but goes on to encompass how we can make the best decisions in our complex world and how Governments and big business are using automated decision making processes to make decisions vital to our future, and what we can do ...

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Why we should make refugees welcome

November 4, 2015 My World View article “Avoid major disasters by welcoming minor change” has now been published in Nature (Vol.527, p.9). Here is the link: http://www.nature.com/news/avoid-major-disasters-by-welcoming-minor-change-1.18718 Here is a summary of the main points: The article focuses on the growing refugee crisis in Europe and elsewhere. A ...

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