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Idiots’ Guide to Vegetables

Commissioned by the Guardian a while ago, but then spiked on the basis that it was too "sciencey" [sic]. I wonder what else they expected from a scientist? At any rate, here is my guide to the quirkier side of vegetables (from fresh and juicy to saggy and sorry) for a more discriminating readership. Enjoy! A rough guide to vegetables The vegetables in your ...

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Food books for food enthusiasts

Do you have a passion for food and cooking? Do you want access and guidance on the best in culinary literature? Former molecular biologist Matt Cockerill has an answer, in the form of a new web-based project called 1000 Cookbooks (www.1000cookbooks.com). As a start, leading chefs, food writers and other food professionals were asked to list their own 10 favourite ...

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Ideal Toast

Daily Mail The first piece of toast that I ever ate was also the most perfect. There were no electric toasters in those days; certainly not in the Australian bush where my father was preparing a barbecue for the family. While the fire was dying down to a glowing layer of coals, he searched for the right tree branch – one that would provide a long enough "handl...

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A Sour Taste in the Mouth

Guardian Weekend - Part of a series of 6 articles on taste and cooking with co-author Peter Barham The combination a sweet and a sour taste provides some of the most piquant dishes in the culinary repertoire. Whether it's in an oriental sweet and sour dish or a dessert of sweet fruit with yoghurt, sweet and sour together remain popular favourites. The ...

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