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Letter to “Nature”: “Shaping policy: Science and politics need more empathy”

Nature Vol. 481 (2012) 29 Some important pointers for improving communication between scientists and politicians (Nature 480, 153; 2011) emerged from a meeting last year between the two groups, organized by the International Risk Governance Council. Support for fundamental research is essential, but scientists shouldn't be tempted to overstate their claims. ...

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I’m an IgNobel Prize Winner: Get Me Out Of Here!

BBC Focus Magazine How would you use science to help you escape from a desert island? My solution, which began with using loose change to make a battery, was illustrator James Reekie’s personal favourite. If I were marooned with a group of others, I would set up a small business – corralling the island’s supply of coconut crabs, for example, and hiring ...

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