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113. How and why did Galileo calculate the dimensions of the roof of Hell?

In my latest broadcast for Australian ABC Radio's "Ockham's Razor" programme, I reveal how (and why) Galileo calculated the dimensions of the roof of Dante's Hell, and how this led to his discovery of the laws of mechanics that engineers use to this day (Hint: He messed up the calculations first time round, but never let on until he had found and published the right ...

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Galileo and Elsevier

Dutch Universities have announced a plan to boycott the Dutch publisher Elsevier. The firm now publishes a wide range of scientific books and journals, in which some of my own articles have even appeared. But how many people know of the role that they played in bringing Galileo’s scientific discoveries to public attention? Most people know the story of how, ...

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23. Internet woes

Readers of these stories will have noticed something of a hiatus in the last few days. The reason (or sequence of reasons) is simple: I am in Australia; I live in a rural community; the broadband signal comes down the telephone line; the telephone lines are made of copper; the lines are at least 50 years old, and liable to corrosion, especially in the wet; it ...

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