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How To Dunk a Biscuit

Live appearance (and demonstration) on BBC TV "One Show" by Skype from my kitchen in Australia, and went without a hitch!

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Faraday at the Royal Institution

Royal Institution, London I have to say that it is a rather awesome experience to be standing in the place where Michael Faraday once stood. Faraday is famous for having discovered how to manufacture electricity. My main claim to fame is having discovered the best way to dunk a biscuit. What I do have in common with Faraday is that I have devoted my life to ...

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Formula for the Perfect Formula

BBC News Online However mundane a task you are trying to perform, whether it's watering the garden or ironing a shirt, someone somewhere will probably have worked out a formula for doing it more effectively. If you've been reading the newspapers carefully over the past few years, you will know how to do all of these jobs to perfection: dunking biscuits, ...

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A Life in Science

Interview for Venue Magazine, December 2000 1. A bit of background stuff; where and when born, parents' occupations. Where d'you live? Any kids? I was born in Sydney, and moved to England in 1989. My father was an engineer who died when I was fourteen. Even so, he taught me as much about practical physics as I ever learned at University. I love science, but ...

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Physics Takes the Biscuit

Nature, February 1999 Why did a light-hearted experiment attract so much attention from the media? The episode is an interesting lesson for those wanting to explain science to the wider public – equations do not always scare people away. Here is my justification: Physics takes the biscuit copy

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