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The true place of science in gastronomy

My contribution to a panel discussion at the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, Sunday July 5th, 2015. We don’t need to understand science to enjoy our food, but quite often we need science to provide us with food that we can enjoy, and understanding the science can add to that enjoyment. When it comes to enjoying it in the gastronomic sense, a good ...

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49. “Molecular gastronomy” – the true story

The term "Molecular Gastronomy," beloved of journalists, is hated by the serious chefs who use science to expand the range of their creative activities. Yet it all started as a joke dreamed up by the Hungarian low-temperature physicist Nicholas Kurti. Nicholas was a passionate amateur cook, and presenter of an early food programme on BBC TV in 1969. He was famous ...

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A Sour Taste in the Mouth

Guardian Weekend - Part of a series of 6 articles on taste and cooking with co-author Peter Barham The combination a sweet and a sour taste provides some of the most piquant dishes in the culinary repertoire. Whether it's in an oriental sweet and sour dish or a dessert of sweet fruit with yoghurt, sweet and sour together remain popular favourites. The ...

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