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84. On hot apple pies, exploding kedgeree and the birth of a new idea

I haven’t yet finished with Count Rumford, because his encounters with heat didn’t end with brass cannons. Apple pies were also on the menu, and their properties puzzled him: When dining, I had often observed that some some particular dishes retain their Heat much longer than others, and that apple pies … remained hot for a surprising length of time … I ...

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80. Seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought

I collect encyclopedias. They occupy a wall-length bookcase in an upper room of my house, whose floor had to be reinforced to take them. I collect them because I am interested to see how knowledge and understanding have changed over time. That change is nowhere better encapsulated than in the story of heat. If you look up “heat” in an encyclopedia published ...

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Meet Count Rumford III: More on gravestones

And finally, here is the historian's perspective on Rumford and his gravestone bread ovens. It seems that Rumford's reputation is on the line!

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Meet Count Rumford. II: What is heat?

Following the last post, here is Rumford's own description of how he worked out the true nature of heat.

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Meet Count Rumford I: Rumford’s original bread oven

Count Rumford, aka the American adventurer Benjamin Thompson, is famous in scientific circles for elucidating the nature of heat, and in food circles for his invention of the Rumford stove. But seldom do the twain meet, as I discovered when I entered into correspondence with bread historian William Rubel about an early story of Thompson, and his use of grave stones ...

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